The Vision Pro may be the reason for the 2025 delay in the release of Apple AirTag 2.

Apple AirTag 2

Possible development issues could be behind the detention It looks like people will have to stay indeed longer to get their hands on the Apple AirTag 2 as recent rumors claim that Apple is delaying the release of its shamus until 2025.

Reason for the 2025 delay in the release of Apple AirTag 2:

This nugget of information comes from Apple critic and notable assiduity bigwig Ming- Chi Kuo who dropped the stunner on X( the platform formerly known as Twitter). The Apple AirTag 2 was supposed to be released by the end of 2023, but also that got pushed back to late 2024. Now, we are adding another time to the timepiece. Assuming this is all true, it means druggies are being forced to stick with an aging device as there will be a four- time gap between the original AirTags and the alternate generation.

It’s unknown why Apple is delaying the launch. The only other piece of news Kuo said on X is that the tech mammoth has listed mass product of the shamus for 2025. still, we believe a indication can be set up in his August post.

Implicit comity A couple of months ago , Kuo claimed Apple wants to integrate AirTag 2 into a “ spatial computing ecosystem ” with the “ Vision Pro as the core ”. still, spatial computing can be considered to be a more advanced interpretation of stoked reality by combining virtual and physical worlds into a flawless, immersive experience, If you ’re not familiar with the conception. The Vision Pro headset gives people a way to interact with this digital terrain. Ever in some way, the Apple AirTag 2 is supposed to be part of this space. MacRumors, in their report, presuppositions that perhaps the shamus will shoot “ positional information ” to the headset via its ultra-wideband chip.

What this means for spatial computing is anyone’s conjecture. It’s possible the device could serve as a lamp to help the Vision Pro establish a virtual space. Or maybe it may offer more precise shadowing through an bettered ultra-wideband chip. We can only presume at this point. It’s worth mentioning that Vision Pro is listed for a 2024 launch. Once it comes out, we could see the Apple AirTag 2 pop over soon after.

Future of trackers still, Apple will need to bring its A-game because it’s facing some stiff competition from rivals, If and when the AirTag 2 does release. A many weeks ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy SmartTag2 which features a massive battery life of over to 700 days plus a “ compact, ring- shaped design to help you attach it to objects. Google was expected to introduce its own brand at the Pixel 8 presentation, but it never happened. It’s possible Google is staying for Apple to eventually add unknown shamus cautions to iOS so it can roll out the overdue Android Find My Device network update.

After it is finished, the Google AirTag, as we call it, will be launched. Hopefully, Apple doesn’t drag its bases and modernize iOS in two times to coincide with the Apple AirTag 2. While we’ve you check out TechRadar’s rearmost roundup of the stylish Apple AirTag deals for October 2023.


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