“Zero Emissions, Endless Adventures: Suzuki’s Hydrogen Burgman at JMS 2023”


The conception, grounded on the Burgman 400 ABS, features a hydrogen machine and a 70 MPa hydrogen tank.

Highlights About Suzuki’s Hydrogen Burgman at JMS 2023:

Suzuki Motor Corporation is set to showcase its way towards a carbon-neutral future at the forthcoming Japan Mobility Show. The show will feature an array of new vehicles, both four- wheelers and two- wheelers, with one of the notable models being a hydrogen- powered Burgman scooter.

The Japanese automotive company will also be showcasing the each- electrice-Burgman prototype at the show fastening on the Hydrogen Burgman Concept, the test model is grounded on the  Burgman 400 ABS vended in global requests and is fitted with a 70 MPa hydrogen tank and a combustion machine. The company says that it’s conducting exploration and development into hydrogen combustion machines as one of the means to help reduce carbon emigrations in the future.

Suzuki says that it’ll be displaying a cutaway of the scooter conception at the Japan Mobility Show showcasing the colorful factors. Anticipate the company to also partake more specialized details when the model debuts at the show.

Suzuki isn’t the first brand to claw into Hydrogen combustion machine technology in recent times. Fellow Japanese bus mammoth Toyota too has excavated into the technology though unlike Suzuki, the ultimate has been using its buses as test beds the GR Yaris H2 conception from 2021 and the posterior hydrogen- powered Corolla race auto.

Away from the Burgman hydrogen conception, Suzuki will also be showcasing thee-Burgman electric scooter prototype. The electric scooter generalities, which boasts a swappable lithium- ion battery pack, was unveiled before this time and is a data collection testbed for Suzuki’s unborn electric two- wheelers. Thee-Burgman has a claimed range of 44 km when ridden at a steady 60kph on a flat face, and a peak power of 4kW.


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