Chaos prevails on this stretch in Hyderabad


Mehdipatnam makes it one of the most daunting routes for both drivers and climbers

Hyderabad With both marketable establishments and domestic colonies spread across every niche and fissure, Mehdipatnam makes it one of the most daunting routes for both drivers and climbers.

While peak hours are especially delicate, the roads in the area feel to be unceasingly busy indeed throughout the day. Over the times, the main road near the machine stop has earned a character for being a delicate one to navigate. Although it’s a multi-lane road, there’s noway enough space for vehicles to pass through.

Being a major machine stop performing within a limited area, megacity motorcars frequently tend to take up most space on the roads. To add to that, the Rythu Bazar conterminous to it spills onto the main road with numerous peddlers setting up shop wherever they find space.

“ There’s no proper system in this area. The roads are narrow, and paths are enthralled by those fruit merchandisers, ” says Abdul, a occupant of Mehdipatnam. Piecemeal from the merchandisers that numerous see as the primary problem, the upmarket shopping complexes, educational institutions, beaneries, and other establishments play a part in enhancing business straits of the area. The lack of parking installations forces their guests to demesne along the roads, further narrowing the formerly clogged thoroughfares.

“ The business significantly increases trip time. What should take just 15 twinkles, now takes nearly 45 twinkles. It’s tough indeed for the business bobbies to manage the situation then, ” points out Muskan, a pupil of St. Ann’s College for Women.

Still, climbers on the other hand are the most vulnerable, If the narrow roads and too numerous vehicles are making driving further laborious for drivers. The paths are enthralled. Also, there’s little to no adherence to zebra crossing and other business rules, putting them at significant threat of accidents. Given all the challenges, Ramesh, who runs a paan dabba on the main road says that it isn’t just commuters who are affected by this. “ Every evening, hundreds of cars may be heard quickly honking their way out of this region. It could seriously affect the hail of people like me who are then the whole day, ” he adds.


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