First CTO of Electra EV is a Tata Motors veteran.

Electra EV

With support from Ratan Tata, the EV powertrain solutions company is apparently bolstering its engineering and technology teams in order to investigate new growth opportunities. Just three months after hiring a Chief Quality Officer, Electra EV is about to appoint its first Chief Technology Officer.

Suppliers to the EV ecosystem are improving their technical skills in response to the boom in electric mobility in order to succeed in this technology-driven industry. Pune’s Electra EV is a leading example of this movement. To bolster its personnel, the business recently added Chandrakant Awate, a seasoned employee with thirty years of expertise at Tata Motors.

Awate’s main responsibility at Electra EV will be to supervise all engineering and technology advancements. His major goal is to expand the company’s product line by adding solutions that are appropriate for different market niches and applications. According to insiders, the Ratan Tata-backed company wants to become a powertrain provider and enter new EV markets, with an emphasis on the off-highway industry. Awate, who has an M.Tech in powertrain electronics, worked for Tata Motors in a number of capacities in the Engineering and Research Centre (ERC), supporting the company’s passenger car division. In 1993, he began working as a diploma trainee engineer at Tata Motors.

This hiring comes soon after Chetan Chawla was named Chief Quality Officer by Electra EV. Chawla has worked in quality control for more than 35 years, having held roles at Tata Motors, RSB Transmissions, and Mahindra Navistar.

As of right now, Electra EV’s only OEM customer for mass production is Tata Motors. The Tata Ace EV and the Xpres-T, a passenger electric vehicle for business fleets, are powered by electra EV.

A 25.5kWh battery pack powers the 72V induction motor of the Xpres-T. On the other hand, the Tata Ace EV has a motor with a maximum output of 27kW that is powered by a 21.3kWh battery pack.

The Coimbatore plant of Electra EV, which has a 30,000 unit yearly manufacturing capacity, produces all of these goods. GEF Capital has invested USD 25 million in the six-year-old company to support corporate expansion.


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