Ferrari SP- 8 Is a Special One- Off Ferrari Grounded on the F8 Spider

Ferrari SP- 8

The newest one- of- one Ferrari features a hinder- mounted mid-engine layout and specially no roof.

All Features About Ferrari SP- 8 Is a Special One:

Ferrari just pulled back the distance on the newest one- off from its Special systems outfit. Dubbed the SP- 8, the special- edition roadster features a binary- turbocharged3.9- liter V- 8 pulled from the F8 Spider.

Ferrari will put the SP- 8 on display at the Mugello Circuit and also at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello before being delivered to the proprietor in Taiwan in March 2024.

Ferrari SP- 8

Reflect for a moment on the idea that the Ferrari F8 Spider is an instigative and special auto with its own graces. Now consider how much more special it could be as a one- of- one special- edition roadster designed and erected by Ferrari’s Special systems program. consider no further, as one incredibly fat( we’re assuming on that part) Ferrari client worked with the brand to produce the one- off SP- 8 roadster.

A further Special F8 Spider The new special- edition Ferrari derives its look, performance, and name from the F8 Spider. Ferrari neglected to give performance specifics for the SP- 8, but the binary- turbocharged3.9- liter V- 8 mounted behind the seats produces 710 power and 568 pound- bases of necklace in the F8. Those are the same numbers as the performance- acquainted 488 Pista, and the machine is claimed to propel the auto to unremarkable sub-3.0-second times to 60 mph.

Ferrari SP- 8 While the F8 is a droptop convertible, the special edition flings a sincere arrivederci to the roof, rather concluding for a roadster format. According to Ferrari, losing the roof needed a combination of simulations, wind- lair testing, and track testing to bring the standard for comfort to the same position as the F8.

The styling for the SP- 8 is easily descended from the F8, though the one- 0ff adds its own personality throughout. The frontal end is redone, with a longer, further assertive splitter. The frontal half of the auto is finished in an uncolored lustrous opalescent Blue Sandstone carbon fiber, while the hinder bodywork is finished in a matte Argento Micalizzato argentine makeup. Ferrari says the exclusive five- spoke bus represent a ultramodern take on the brand’s classic prototypes as well as hearkening back to the amalgamation bus on the F40.

Ferrari SP- 8 SP- 8 Is Priceless As is generally the case with Ferrari Special systems buses , the manufacturer neglected to give out price details. Whatever the figure is, it’s sure to be much advanced than the roughly$ 330,000 starting price of the F8 Spider.

The auto will be put on display at the Mugello Circuit from October 24 until the end of this time’s Finali Mondiali Ferrari on October 29, 2023. It’ll also be displayed at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello from November 16 until March 2024 before the proprietor takes delivery of the auto in Taiwan.


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