“Fukrey 3: Does the Comedy Successfully Deliver Its Social Message? A Review”

Fukrey 3
Fukrey 3


Film review for Fukrey 3: The Pankaj Tripathi-Pulkit Samrat-Richa Chadha movie maintains its comic tone and frequently uses scatological humor. Despite being so ridiculous, the jokes manage to make people chuckle.

Full Review About Fukrey 3:

Fukrey 3, which came out ten years ago, featured the follies and successes of two mediocre high school students named Choochaa and Hunny who dreamed of entering college. Their friends joined in on their misguided schemes and the chaos that followed. With this franchise’s third entry, both the movie’s ambition and that of these “fukras,” a euphemism for idlers, have increased.

Review I

A popular tune that serves as a recap of the first two Fukrey 3 flicks is played at the beginning of the movie. The song is a charming touch that plays in the background as Fukrey 3’s opening credits roll. The main characters return with their now familiar characteristics. As previously, Choocha (Varun Sharma) is silly and idiotic. His brain, Hunny (Pulkit Samrat), directs him. With his jokes, Panditji (Pankaj Tripathi) keeps the group together, but Bholi Panjaban (Richa Chadha) has higher ambitions for herself. Although Lali Halwai (Manjot Singh) doesn’t have a clear-cut role, he excels when he sets out to make the best masala chai. Fazal isn’t present among this bunch of clueless daydreamers, but he makes a nice cameo.

Review II

Bholi has put her criminal past behind her and now mingle with the elite. She want to get elected to the Delhi Assembly and become a minister. When Choocha starts to endanger her success and popularity, her goals to navigate the halls of power are put in jeopardy. The result is a power struggle and a competition for supremacy between the fukras and Bholi, who parades around with two large bodyguards who give her an air of comedic solemnity.

Review III

Tripathi, who is undoubtedly the audience favorite, dominates the best lines. His comic flair is top notch, even when the dialogue lacks power. However, Choocha aka Dilip Singh, the story’s major driving force, gets the most attention. There are about as many hits as misses in the first half’s gag overload. Before the intermission, though, a plot twist makes the audience question if the narrative is about to take a serious turn. They’re not entirely disappointed, I suppose.

Review IV

The second half turns gears to serious topics that impact Delhi’s common people, with significantly fewer instances of laughing. Despite being restricted to the realm of Fukrey, the ongoing water crisis in Delhi and the fight against the tanker mafia receive a lot of screen time. A developing problem in the nation’s capital is indicated by several touching events, including when a youngster took the initiative to block the path of a water tanker and when a crowd stormed an amusement.

Review V
With the exception of these emotional passages, Fukrey 3 maintains its comedic tone, which prominently incorporates scatological humor. Is this writing lazy, going the simple route to make people laugh? Even though they are utterly ridiculous, the infrequent deviations from reason and plausibility occasionally manage to make people laugh.
The well-known franchise, which offered us a feisty, fashionable, and intellectual female don, should have given the character in this episode more depth. Her badassery had a lot of potential, like when she wore bridal attire with a scorpion-shaped maangtika. The focus of the movie is largely on fukra-panti.park with an alligator as a residen.


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