How to install a shortcut to your smartphone’s home screen for the GPay QR code scanner

GPay QR code scanner

For all GPay users, here’s a handy little tip that makes payments speedy.

All About GPay QR code scanner:

In India, UPI has greatly streamlined digital payments. The inconvenient aspect of having to open and close the app for every transaction still exists, though. One-click UPI payments can be made easier by enabling a “scan any QR code” shortcut on the home screen.

On the majority of Android handsets, adding the QR code scanner option is a simple task. To expand the shortcut menu, make sure the GPay app is up to date and long-press any of the icons. To add a shortcut to your smartphone’s home screen for a QR code scanner, long-press the “scan any QR” option on GPay.

With the use of this shortcut, users can make payments to third-party partners that accept UPI QR codes, open the camera, and scan QR codes. Click the QR code logo in the upper right corner to quickly open your unique QR code that is associated with your GPay account and receive payments to your account.

UPI payments can be done using the same method by clicking on the appropriate payment option in the GPay app for people who have credit cards that are qualified for Rupay.

For people who make at least five UPI payments a day, this feature is quite useful as it streamlines and saves a lot of time. Furthermore, PIN-based verification is required for every payment, allaying worries about possible abuse of the tool.

Users of Samsung smartphones can also take advantage of a comparable functionality found on Samsung Pay, which permits credit and debit card transactions as well as UPI payments. Finally, using GPay to add digital credit and debit cards enables NFC payments in locations that don’t use UPI payments.


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