How to avoid tolls via Google Maps and save money

google maps

It’s possible to configure Google Maps to steer clear of highways and tolls. It’s simple and can help you save money and hassle while traveling by car.

On your next road trip, are you looking for a simple solution to escape the hassle of clogged highways and save money on tolls? Google Maps is an app that can help you out. The well-known navigation app can be configured to avoid tolls and highways for a more convenient and affordable travel with a few fast touches.

It’s easy to get Google Maps on an iPhone or Android device to avoid highways and tolls.

1. Enter your start and end points
2. On an iPhone, tap the three dots in the upper right corner; on an Android device, tap the three vertical dots.
3. Select Options and toggle on the settings that read “Avoid tolls” or “Avoid motorways”

For subsequent visits, Google Maps will automatically avoid highways and tolls based on your saved choices. Naturally, if you want to go back to the initial configurations, all you have to do is repeat these steps.

It makes sense to forgo tolls in order to save money, especially for drivers who frequently accrue daily toll booth expenses. By avoiding congested freeways, you can take lovely backroads and enjoy a more leisurely ride. It’s also a wise decision for people who ride motorcycles and for others who feel safer on slower-moving roads.

The trade-off is that traveling faster can result from avoiding highways and tolls. However, many people find that the reward of a relaxing, economical trip justifies a few more minutes of driving time.


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