IBM AI chief: No degree in computer science is required to work in tech soon.


According to Matthew Candy of IBM, a degree in computer science is no longer required to work in technology. AI will handle your code.

It may not be necessary to have a computer science degree in order to work in the tech industry.

In a recent interview, Matthew Candy, IBM’s worldwide managing partner for generative AI, stated as much to Fortune.

According to Candy, AI will enable anyone with an idea to produce goods without the need for coding knowledge.

According to Candy in the narrative, “people’s ability to generate ideas, test ideas, and produce something will be so accelerated.” “A computer science degree is not required to accomplish that,” he clarified.

Candy stated that in the era of artificial intelligence, soft talents like creativity and invention would be more valuable than technical ones. He previously told the journal, “I think AI’s going to free up more capacity for creative thought processes, so questioning, creativity skills, and innovation are going to be hugely important.”

But AI will have an impact on more than just the tech sector. AI image-generation technology has the potential to revolutionize the arts, according to Candy. It will be possible for you to assume the role of a designer. To do these tasks, you don’t need to be a graphic designer or hold an art degree,” he stated.

While IT leaders are enthusiastic about AI, other working professionals have a less optimistic view. According to a recent survey by edtech company Hero Vired, 82% of professionals worry that as AI advances, their jobs may become redundant.

Indeed, IBM announced in May of last year that they were thinking about recruiting fewer humans for positions that AI could be able to fill in their place. In a Bloomberg interview, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna stated that he believes artificial intelligence will replace 30% of the company’s back-office jobs over the course of five years, or approximately 7,800 positions.


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