Jiophone Prima 4G launched in India at Rs 2,599 check price, vacuity and specs

Jiophone Prima 4G

Reliance Jio has launched its rearmost point phone, the Jiophone Prima 4G. It features a2.4- inch display and is powered by an ARM Cortex- A53 processor.

In Short

Introducing the JioPhone Prima 4G, now unveiled at an enticing price of just Rs 2,599.

You can secure your very own JioPhone Prima 4G today, exclusively through JioMart.

Mark your calendars for the official launch of the JioPhone Prima 4G, set to illuminate Diwali 2023.

Jiophone Prima 4G launched in India at Rs 2,599:

Reliance Jio has ushered in a new era of connectivity with the grand debut of the JioPhone Prima 4G. The company showcased the handset at the Indian Mobile Congress 2023(IMC) and blazoned that it would be available around Diwali. still, the phone is now listed on the JioMart website with details. The JioPhone Prima 4G is a point phone with a decoration design and comes with social media apps like WhatsApp and YouTube.

Jio Prima 4G phone price and vacuity The recently released Jio Phone Prima 4G boasts a2.4- inch TFT display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. also, the phone is equipped with a flashlight and a camera, including a0.3- megapixel front- facing camera.

Under the hood, this Jio phone is powered by 512 MB of RAM, and its storehouse capacity can be expanded up to 128 GB using a micro SD card. Running on the KaiOS operating system, this 4G phone is driven by an ARM Cortex A53 processor, icing smooth performance.

For connectivity, the Jio Phone Prima 4G features Bluetooth 5.0 and is equipped with an 1800mAh battery, which provides ample power to keep your phone running for an extended period. As for features, the Jio Phone Prima 4G comes with an FM radio point, ideal for enjoying your favourite stations while on the go. The phone boasts a bundle of preloaded apps, including YouTube, Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Saavn, and Jio News, ready to elevate your digital experience likewise, druggies have access Jio Pay and Cinema for the updated functionality.

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio has launched Jio SpaceFiber, a satellite internet service that provides gigabit pets to remote locales in India that preliminarily had no internet access. Jio has partnered with SES, a satellite telecommunications company, to pierce SES’s O3b and O3b mPOWER satellites, which are the only MEO satellites that can deliver fiber- suchlike internet services from space. This cooperation isn’t new, as Jio and SES blazoned a common adventure called Jio Space Technology Limited in early 2022.

SES is the first company in the world to successfully operate and manipulate satellites in two routeways , geostationary route( GEO) and medium Earth route(MEO). SES has over 70 satellites in route and provides videotape and data services to millions of guests worldwide. SES has forged strategic alliances with industry giants, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Honeywell, Hughes Network Systems, and SpaceX, marking a constellation of powerful partnerships.

Jio is originally launching SpaceFiber in four of the most remote locales in India Gir in Gujarat, Korba in Chhattisgarh, Nabarangpur in Odisha, and ONGC- Jorhat in Assam. Jio has not yet blazoned where SpaceFiber will expand to next, but it’s likely to expand snappily. specially, this is the first time an Indian company has offered gigabit internet through satellites.


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