Using Microsoft Azure, MyFashionGPT from Myntra forecasts what you need to wear.


MyFashionGPT is a new tool that enables customers to search using natural language rather than keywords, creating new avenues for product discovery.

Thanks to Myntra’s partnership with Microsoft, generative AI is now available in Indian e-commerce.

In an effort to alter the way Indians purchase for clothing, online fashion retailer Myntra has shared more information about its partnership with Microsoft, which assisted in incorporating generative AI into its shopping app. MyFashionGPT is a new tool that enables customers to search using natural language rather than keywords, creating new avenues for product discovery.

MyFashionGPT is powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service. It can comprehend open-ended inquiries such as “show me clothes for a beach vacation” and provides pertinent products in categories such as beachwear, hats, sunglasses, and more. This frees consumers from the constraints of traditional search, which matches particular phrases that are already included in a product catalog.

Myntra disclosed that it conducted a hackathon in February to investigate the possibility of using generative AI to address this “unsolved search problem” in an online setting. Generative AI technology from ChatGPT immediately became the front-runner.

With the help of Azure OpenAI Service, the team was able to analyze various large language models and determine which one would work best for Myntra’s use case. According to Myntra, several teams worked over the following few weeks to polish the user interface and backend infrastructure in preparation for the platform’s launch in May, which coincided with the End of Reason Sale. Deployment was accelerated by a seamless interface with the current Azure infrastructure.

Vindhya Priya Shanmugam, director of engineering at Myntra, said, “Myntra’s systems are on Azure and deploying Azure OpenAI Service was as seamless as deploying another server and it gave us a secure way of using generative AI.”

According to the site, MyFashionGPT has already altered how users browse and purchase on Myntra since its introduction.

Instead of depending just on keywords that match, the AI assistant now understands the meaning behind ambiguous search strings, leading to a wider range of queries. This creates new avenues for product discovery.

MyFashionGPT is “solving the unsolved search problem in fashion,” according to Director of Product Management Arit Mondal, by comprehending open-ended natural language.

According to Myntra’s analytics, customers who use the AI assistant are three times more likely to complete a transaction. Additionally, the assistant contributes to the discovery of full looks, increasing categories per order on average by 16%.

Myntra is continuously developing new generative AI-powered features, inspired by its success. Future features will allow users to examine entire ensembles by selecting the shirts, bottoms, and accessories. Myntra intends to include voice search and customization in the future.

Access to MyFashionGPT is already possible through an icon located on the right of the app’s search box. With natural voice, you can input extremely specific needs, and the assistant will automatically provide a list of clothing options that are relevant to your search. Users are able to provide it with outfit requests based on destinations and events, popular movies, celebrity looks, and even popular events like the Indian Premier League.


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