Phoenix Mall of Asia launches, Apparel Group opens seven stores in new Bengaluru boardwalk

Phoenix Mall of Asia

The public can now visit Phoenix Mall of Asia in Bengaluru, and the retail behemoth Apparel Group India Private Limited has set up seven stores within the brand-new mall. These comprise Bath & Body workshop, Aldo, Charles & Keith, La Vie En Rose, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Tim Hortons, and Aldo Accessories.

Phoenix Mall of Asia launches, Apparel Group opens seven stores:

“ We ’re pleased to advertise the launch of seven new stores from the Apparel Group in Phoenix Mall of Asia, ” said Apparel Group India Private Limited’s chairman Tushar Ved in a press release on October 27. “ We are better positioned to serve as the entry point for international businesses wishing to establish offices in India thanks to our strategic growth. These new store openings reflect our unvarying commitment to bridging the gap between global fashion and the sapient Indian consumer. ”

The expansion, featuring a blend of decoration accessories, particular care, and vesture, is part of the business ’ plan to bring by- demand transnational brands to Bengaluru. Apparel Group is grounded in Dubai and retails over 80 fashion and life brands.

“We are excited to introduce the top brands in the order life to Bangalore, and our team has put in endless effort to ensure that every store embodies our dedication and moxie to excellence, delivering an exceptional shopping experience to our guests, ” said Apparel Group India’s CEO Abhishek Bajpai.


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