China hospitals create “homework zones” for sick children as a result of the pneumonia outbreak

pneumonia outbreak

China Pneumonia Outbreak: According to many statements from Chinese health authorities, no new viruses were found.

According to reports, hospitals in China have created dedicated “homework zones” for kids suffering from respiratory ailments in the midst of a pneumonia outbreak.

A “overlap of known pathogens” is causing a rise in pediatric respiratory cases in China, which is experiencing its first winter since the removal of Covid-19 limitations. Beijing, the country’s capital, and its surrounding cities’ hospitals are “overwhelmed” by the volume of cases.

However, health officials have said time and time again that no new viruses were found and that the instances were connected to respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV), influenza, rhinoviruses, and lung-infecting bacteria such mycoplasma pneumoniae.

While state broadcaster CCTV reported that young children were given chairs and desks to study at as they received drips in Jiangsu, Anhui, and central Hubei provinces, images and videos of children doing homework while receiving IV drips in the hospital went viral on social media.

Youngsters with masks were also observed finishing their schoolwork as their parents assisted them; hospitals established dedicated study areas for ailing patients.

A parent said to the broadcaster, “My child had to complete his homework in this manner because he would have to do a lot more when he returns to school after he heals,”

One X (previously Twitter) user wrote, “This picture is real and children doing their homework in hospitals is common in China.” Parents were criticized for pressuring their sick children to study on social media. Our nation is in a state of absolute hell.

Another person stated, “Some hospitals even have a permanent area reserved for these students who ‘like’ to do homework, and they publicize and brag about it.”


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