“San Francisco’s Spookiest Search: The Top Halloween Costume of 2023”

Halloween Costume

According to Google Trends, San Franciscans are googling Barbie costumes at a shocking rate for Halloween costume 2023.

How are everyone’s Barbie costumes coming on?

Google Trends lately released Google Frightgeist, a new chart detailing the most- Googled Halloween costumes by metropolitan area in the United States. Your first conjecture is presumably correct — the hunt term “ Barbie ” dominated the chart across the board, and the San Francisco- Oakland- San Jose metropolitan area was no exception.

In fact, “ Barbie ” dominated the results in nearly every metropolitan area anatomized in California. Out of twelve California locales anatomized, only three swerved — they were “ Fairy ” in Eureka, “ Princess ” in Bakersfield, and “ Dinosaur ” in Palm Springs.

The Top Halloween Costume of 2023:

After “ Barbie, ” the coming most- searched Halloween costumes in the United States were “ Princess ” at# 2, “ Spider- Man ” at# 3, “ Witch ” at# 4, “ puck ” at# 5, and “ Wednesday Addams ” at# 6. still, “ Barbie ” appears in nearly every state and drowns out utmost of these other results.

The Bay Area’s interest in Barbie has been an interesting miracle considering that the Barbie movie’s box office contender( companion?) Oppenheimer has so numerous original connections. important of the film takes place across the Bay at UC Berkeley and includes a fair quantum of original references that Bay Area observers will fete . nonetheless, Barbie fluently overbalanced Oppenheimer in the San Francisco- Oakland- San Jose metropolitan area on Google Trends around both flicks ’ release dates.


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