Advice for writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP) while applying to study abroad

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

An Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a prerequisite for admission to almost all overseas universities.

Many people aspire to be able to attend their ideal university for their further education. It’s difficult to distinguish yourself among the hundreds of applications the university receives.

Here comes the role of a Statement of Purpose (SOP) which will push your candidature above/ below others depending on the impression made. Hence, it is important to know what an SOP should contain and why you need to write an SOP.

What is a Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

A Statement of Purpose, also referred to as a researched long-form essay, is a document that students must write outlining their reasons for wanting to attend a university.

Why is an SOP important?

An Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a prerequisite for admission to almost all overseas universities. A candidate’s Statement of Purpose is an essential document that determines the status of their application at the university. Among many other determining variables, it provides an insight into the applicant’s hopes and future objectives.

What is the format to write an SOP?

The format of a SOP typically differs based on the courses. All in all, a SOP has to be basically an essay that is correctly formatted and written in paragraphs. Typically, it is an 800-1000 word essay that spans two pages.

Your future ambitions and goals should be highlighted in the SOP, which should also be able to determine which application is the best overall.

The paragraphs should contain:

  • An introduction about yourself
  • Your academic and professional background (if any)
  • Your reasons for selecting the specific course, which will encompass your aims and future goals

Why did you decide to start your further education career at this particular university?

A conclusion that presents you as the ideal student for the university.

Things to look out for:

It goes without saying that you should ensure that your SOP is truthful and does not appear overly dramatic. Plagiarized content is never acceptable. Make the SOP look more interesting by emphasizing your main principles and competencies. Steer clear of grammar errors and review everything before submitting.

Give your proposed additions to the SOP some thought and research. Writing the SOP and getting frank advice from an expert are always wise decisions.


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