Tata Group to manufacture iPhones in India for global request, announces Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Tata Group to manufacture iPhones

Apple is set to make India its trusted manufacturing and gift mate, as it brigades up with Tata Group to manufacture iPhones in the country.

Tata Group to manufacture iPhones in India for global request:

India has surfaced as one of the options for Apple’s iPhone product, as the Tata Group to manufacture iPhones in the country for both domestic and transnational requests.

Electronics and Technology Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said moment that the design will be completed within two and a half times, and that the government will support the Tata Group to manufacture iPhones and other Indian electronics companies in their sweats to mate with global brands.

@GoI_MeitY is firmly in favor of the Indian electronics companies should become worldwide, since this will help international manufacturers who want to establish India as a reliable manufacturing and supply partner to realise PM’s thing of making India a global electronics power, ” Chandrasekhar posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Tata Group to manufacture iPhones The deal was finalised after Taiwan- grounded WistronCorp., a contract manufacturer for Apple, granted blessing for the trade of its India unit to Tata Group for $125 million. Tata Group will enjoy a 100 stake in Wistron InfoComm Manufacturing (India) Private Limited (WMMI) following board blessing. The deal will do to gain the necessary blessings upon evidence by the applicable parties.

The move marks a significant shift in Apple’s strategy, as it has traditionally reckoned on Chinese manufactories to produce utmost of its new iPhones and transport them to guests around the world.

Still, the ongoing trade war between the US and China, as well as the rising Chinese labour costs, have urged Apple to look for indispensable sources of product. India, with its large consumer request, professed pool, and favorable government programs, has surfaced as an seductive option.

Tata Group to manufacture iPhones

Beginning with the iPhone SE, Apple has started making iPhones in India since 2017. Since also, the company has continued to expand its operations leading up to the assembly of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus locally.


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