Tech News moment ChatGPT most viewed composition on Wikipedia, iPhone keyboard bug causing chaos and further


Tech News moment (December 06, 2023) ChatGPT becomes the most viewed composition on the English interpretation of Wikipedia in 2023 and an iOS 17 bug is causing problems for some, cranking the app switcher when codifying commodity on the keyboard.

Tech News moment in India ChatGPT, the AI- powered chatbot that took the world by storm is the most- viewed composition on Wikipedia in 2023. Microsoft has blazoned that the Outlook Lite app for Android has further than 5 million downloads just one time after its launch.

Several iPhone druggies are reporting that a weird bug in iOS 17 is causing the app switcher to spark when they’re using the keyboard. In the world of AI, Google has introduced some advancements to its Smart Compose point, which can now break simple calculation equations in real- time.

01 ChatGPT most read composition on Wikipedia in 2023

Wikipedia lately released a list of the top 25 most- read papers on the English interpretation of the website. According to thenon-profit organisation, ChatGPT tops the most- viewed list with 49 million views in just a time. still, the list includes data until November 28, but Wikipedia says it’ll modernize the list with new data in January 2024.

02 Twitch will shut down services in South Korea

Twitch, the most popular videotape game streaming platform on the earth has blazoned that it’ll shut down services in South Korea, which happens to be one of the largest PC gaming requests in the world. The Amazon- possessed streaming platform says it decided to halt operations in the country citing high network freights and said that they’re up to 10 times compared to other corridor of the world.

03 Microsoft says Outlook Lite for Android has further than 5 million downloads

Launched in August 2022, Outlook Lite is an dispatch customer designed for Android bias with not- so- important tackle. In a blog post, Microsoft lately blazoned that the app has been downloaded over 5 million times. While Outlook Lite is available encyclopedically, certain features like SMS messaging might be limited to select requests.

04 Google Smart Compose can now break calculation equations

Smart Compose, Google’s AI-powered suggestion tool(chatgpt), is becoming more popular. The tech mammoth has blazoned Smart Compose can now help druggies break simple calculation equations in real- time.

When you class a calculation equation ending with’ = ‘, the point will display the result as slate textbook suggestions. It can be enabled by heading over to Tools> Preferences and opting the’ Show Smart Compose suggestions’ option.

05 iOS 17 keyboard bug causing chaos amongst iPhone druggies

Some iPhone druggies who streamlined their device to iOS 17 are complaining about a keyboard bug that suddenly activates the app switcher, causing them to switch to another app when they’re codifying commodity on their phone.

While the bug might be hard to recreate, if you’re facing the issue, try turning off the Reachability point that can be set up under Settings> Availability> Touch.


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