“The AI Revolution: Instagram’s Customizable Friend Feature”


Instagram is reportedly working on a new point called ‘AI friend’, which, as the name suggests, lets druggies produce a customisable AI friend that can help them with colorful tasks.

Instagram is one of the many social media platforms that constantly trials with new features. Jumping in on the AI crusade, the Meta- possessed company seems to be testing a new point called ‘ AI friend ’ that lets druggies make their veritably own customisable AI- powered imaginary friend. According to a post by Alessandro Paluzzi on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram’s AI friend will be suitable to “ answer questions, communicate ideas and talk through any challenges. ”

Going by the screenshots participated by Paluzzi, it looks like druggies will be suitable to customise colorful aspects of their AI friend like gender and age. For illustration, the AI can be womanish, manly or non-binary and you can choose if they’re ‘ youthful ’, ‘ adult ’ or ‘ senior ’.

Some other customisable parameters include choosing race, personality traits and interests. Once you’re done with the customisations, Instagram will let you name your AI musketeers and choose an icon for them. still, it’s still unclear which AI tools Instagram will use the power the ‘ AI friend ’ point. also, it’s unknown if and when Meta plans to release the new point.

While AI musketeers can sound delightful, there are some troubles associated with AI- powered chatbots. before this time, Snapchat unveiled ‘ My AI ’, which functions also to Instagram’s AI friend point and lets druggies get help on a wide range of motifs like lenses to use, places to visit and further.

But a many days latterly, My AI entered a massive counterreaction after it was reportedly advising minors on motifs like how to cover the smell of weed and setting the mood for coitus.


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