Visits Southern Israel, UK’s David Cameron meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

David Cameron

As hostages were being held captive and a proposed truce was being postponed for at least another day, David Cameron paid a visit to Gaza.

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron met in Jerusalem after Cameron had traveled to the south of the nation to personally inspect the areas impacted by last month’s Hamas attacks.

Former prime minister David Cameron, who was assigned to the foreign policy brief last week, is scheduled to meet with Palestinian leaders later to deliberate how to resolve the problem, according to the British Foreign Office.

We stand with the people of Israel, Cameron told Netanyahu. I wished I could have seen you in person to really understand the scope of the horrifying assaults you endured. Cameron believed that achieving it was essential.

As David Cameron arrived, hostage-taking and a promised truce were postponed for at least one more day in Gaza, where fighting was still raging.

It is imperative that we discuss this possible humanitarian halt. I think there’s an opportunity to significantly free the detainees and provide relief to Gaza,” Cameron went on. It is my hope that this agreement can be realized by all those who are responsible and in favor of it.

Netanyahu acknowledged that freeing the detainees was “not without its challenges,” but Israel remained dedicated to freeing all of the hostages.

He continued, But since Hamas has stated time and time again that they will destroy us, we will not stray from our war’s goal.

If we don’t stop this deadly movement that jeopardizes our collective future, there is no chance for peace to exist between Israel and the Arab states or between Israel and the Palestinians.

Cameron had earlier told reporters that he had “heard things and seen things that obviously I will never forget” as he and Israeli colleague Eli Cohen toured destroyed structures in Kibbutz Be’eri in southern Israel while wearing flak jackets.

On Wednesday, Cameron met with counterparts from Islamic and Arab nations in London to talk about the situation.

Since the war started last month, Israel has been visited by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as well as Cameron’s predecessor, James Cleverly.


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