The all-new Apple AirPods 4 with USB Type C are anticipated to debut in 2024.

Apple AirPods

The all-new Apple AirPods 4 with USB Type C are anticipated to debut in 2024.

According to a recent report, the iPhone 16 and Apple AirPods Pro 4th generation are expected to be released in the same year. It is anticipated that the new earbuds would come equipped with USB-C charging, speakers for Find My notifications, and active noise cancellation.

In Short

  • According to reports, Apple will release the fourth version of AirPods early in 2019.
  • With the iPhone 16, the AirPods are anticipated to be released.
  • It is anticipated that the upcoming AirPods will support USB Type C charging.

One of the greatest TWS earbuds available is the Apple AirPod, and the tech giant frequently releases updates for them. At the Wonderlust event earlier this year, Apple revealed that, in an effort to improve customer convenience, the USB Type-C port in the AirPods Pro Gen 2 will replace the lightning port. This was revealed concurrently with the release of the Apple Watch 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and iPhone 15. Furthermore, rumors now state that Apple plans to release the fourth generation of AirPods along with the iPhone 16 in the upcoming year.

Arriving in 2024: the fourth generation of Apple AirPods
As per Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is anticipated to release two distinct models of the AirPods 4 in the upcoming year, with varying pricing points. Gurman continued by saying that the latest AirPod version, which costs Rs 19,900, hasn’t been as successful commercially as its predecessors. Thus, it is anticipated that the upcoming non-Pro AirPods models would take the place of the Apple AirPods 2 and Apple AirPods 3.

It is expected that the standard model of Apple AirPods 4 will have speakers for Find My alerts, a USB-C charging port instead of a Lightning port, and active noise cancellation (ANC). The USB Type C port is currently limited to AirPods Pro models only.

The Apple AirPods 4 are anticipated to combine design cues from the existing AirPods and AirPods Pro. It’s unclear if Apple intends to include silicone tips, but reports indicate that the new earbuds will have shorter stems to improve fit.

Regarding the AirPods Max, Apple might release an upgraded model with a USB-C connector and additional colors the following year. It is not anticipated that there will be any major changes to the hardware and software features. In the meanwhile, an update with an emphasis on improved comfort is anticipated for the AirPods Pro. There are rumors that Apple is also investigating novel features in the works, such as the ability to record body temperature and a variety of health tracking functions.

It’s crucial to remember that nothing has been formally confirmed, so these details are conjectural. Apple may decide at the last minute to change its plans.

However, Apple recently announced that owners of AirPods Pro will now be able to purchase the USB-C case separately for USD 99, giving them an independent choice.

India’s cost for the AirPods Pro Gen 2 with USB Type-C charging
As previously reported, Apple revealed the USB Type-C charging AirPods Pro Gern 2 during its Wonderlust event in September of this year. In India, the AirPods were priced at Rs 24,900 at launch.

The IP54 rating is added to the USB Type-C charging port of the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen. Another new feature of the new AirPods Pro is a listening mode known as “Adaptive Audio.” This mode combines the transparency mode with ANC, which modifies the noise control based on the user’s surroundings.

Apple also revealed the wired EarPods with USB Type C in addition to the AirPods. The price of these EarPods upon debut was Rs 2,000.


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