Apple Preparing its Retail Stores for the Vision Pro Launch for the Year 2024


It has been reported that Apple plans to train retail employees from all US stores in Cupertino, California, in October regarding the use and marketing of the Vision Pro. After receiving the necessary training, a small group of workers from each store would be flown in and expected to instruct the remaining staff members when they returned to their locations.

The company plans to deliver the device in early 2024, which is also the anticipated time for training to start. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, staff training is now planned for mid-January. According to sources, installing Vision Pro requires a two-day training for every employee.

Gurman draws attention to how difficult it is to install Vision Pro. Apple cannot afford to make a mistake in the setup procedure considering its astronomical $3,499 price tag. For this reason, before promoting Vision Pro, store staff members were asked to training.

Why is training and testing necessary before launching Vision Pro?
Each person needs their headphones to be personalized, and an uncomfortable fit can inevitably detract from the user experience. Every stage of the training, including how store employees greet customers and position the device on the wearer’s head, is meticulously organized. Although consumers can place an online reservation for the Vision Pro, it seems that picking up the item in-store is recommended.

It’s a clue that the launch is drawing near because Apple stores will soon be receiving new equipment to assemble and package the headphones.

Only the United States will be able to purchase the Vision Pro at first, and buyers will need to schedule an appointment at retail locations.

Although the release was apparently moved to March, Apple stated that the Vision Pro will appear “in early 2024”; the company intends to deliver it by January. If everything proceeds as planned, the release is scheduled for March 2024, which is when the calendar for the new Macs and iPads clears.


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