With iOS 17.2, Apple offers spatial video recording for the iPhone 15 Pro and Max.

iPhone 15 pro

The iOS 17.2 update is already available for iPhone 15 Pro and Max devices and will soon be accessible for other iPhones that meet the requirements.

Beginning on December 12, Apple began to distribute the iOS 17.2 update to compatible iPhone devices. The update includes further Action Button functions, allows the iPhone 15 Pro models to capture Spatial films, and more. It also offers a new Journal app. These are all the new features that the iOS 17.2 update will bring to iPhones:

With the use of its brand-new iPhone journal software, which includes images, videos, audio files, locations, and more, users will be able to record and transcribe about both ordinary and noteworthy occurrences in their life. Users will receive personalized journal entry ideas from the app via on-device machine learning. The journal software will allow users to schedule and customize notifications, which will aid in the development of a regular journaling routine.

Action Button
With the latest iOS release, the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro models gains an extra “translate” option. Users of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will find it easier to converse with people in other languages or translate sentences quickly with the help of the Action Button’s translate feature.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max now have the capability to record spatial films according to the most recent iOS upgrade.

According to Apple, when capturing spatial films, the compatible iPhones should be held steadily in landscape orientation. Under the new format, the videos are captured at 30 frames per second at 1080p resolution, and they can be seen in the Photos app just like any other video.

However, the video appears with ‘Spatial’ label.

According to Apple, the special feature of Apple Vision Pro is the ability to take spatial photographs and films that take the user back in time.
With the iOS 17.2 update, Apple has also increased the telephoto camera’s speed of focus on the Pro models.

With the latest software update, Apple has made improvements to the Messages app. Users can now navigate to their first unread message in a discussion with the app’s new Catch-up arrow. Users can now apply stickers directly to bubbles by using the apply Sticker option in the context menu.

There are now new widgets in the weather app that provide the daily forecast, dawn and sunset timings, and precipitation for the next hour. Users may now visualize the moon’s phase on any given day with the addition of an interactive moon calendar.


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