Launched at IBW 2023 on December 8, Aprilia RS 457 India

Aprilia RS 457

When it debuts, it will be the most potent bike produced in India, with a price tag of less than Rs 4 lakh.

Launching the Aprilia RS 457, which made its debut at the Indian MotoGP event in September, has been Piaggio India’s steady goal. At last, the business is going to disclose the price at India Bike Week.

  • Most likely to cost less than Rs 4 lakh, ex-showroom
  • Positioned above the KTM RC 390, it contains a twin-cyl 457cc 48-hp motor.

    A few weeks ago, we exclusively revealed that Piaggio intended to sell the Aprilia RS 457 under Rs 4 lakh while giving it a premium positioning. Find out more here. The firm is currently preparing to reveal the price on December 8, 2023, during India Bike Week.

    At its Baramati plant in India, Piaggio will produce its first motorbike locally—the RS 457—and it will also be exported from this location. The bike will go up against models like the Yamaha R3, which will also be released in India in December, and the KTM RC 390.

    In addition to being the only aluminum frame in its class, the Aprilia is equipped with electronic riding aids like riding modes and traction control. The bike will also be the most powerful in the class thanks to a new twin-cylinder 48-hp powerplant. Its weight of 175 kg is likewise somewhat more than that of its competitors.

The Aprilia RS 457 is expected to be priced between the KTM RC 390 (Rs 3.18 lakh) and the Yamaha (estimated at Rs 4 lakh–4.5 lakh), but substantially less than the Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Rs 5.24 lakh), which is, theoretically, its closest rival.


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