Beeper Mini is shut down by Apple, Grok is mocked by OpenAI, and more

beeper mini

Today, December 10, 2023, Tech News: After Grok brought up OpenAI in its comments, Apple closed a bug that prevented Beeper Mini, an iMessage software for Android smartphones, from working. This caught Elon Musk’s notice.

India’s Tech News Today: The iMessaging app Beeper Mini for Android smartphones was recently blocked by Apple.

The firm released an official statement claiming to have resolved the vulnerabilities that rendered the online version and the Beeper Mini app inoperable.

01 Apple kills another iMessage app for Android
Within a week of its release, Apple fixed a bug that allowed Beeper Mini to send and receive messages on Android smartphones using the official Apple push notification service, thereby disabling the program that enabled iMessage on smartphones. Although Beeper Mini is a paid app that costs Rs 190 per month, the developer is currently providing a one-week free trial.

02 Grok accused of using OpenAI’s code
A new feature for X Premium+ subscribers is GrokAI. Grok has mentioned OpenAI in a few of the replies. But according to the co-founder of xAI Corp, Grok hasn’t used any OpenAI code, and the reason for this error is that Grok was trained on a lot of web data, which included content provided by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

03 Acer Nitro V 16 gaming laptop launch
Acer introduces the Nitro V 16 (ANV16-41) gaming laptop, which is powered by a Ryzen 8040 CPU (up to Ryzen 7 8845HS) and can support up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series laptop GPU. The tablet has a 16-inch display with a refresh rate of 165 Hz with Ryzen AI integrated right in. This laptop, which starts at $999.99 and will be available in a few locations in April 2024, comes with up to 32 GB of DDR5 RAM and 2 TB of internal storage.

04 Instagram introduces Tags for Threads
Instagram has launched Tags for Threads, which are similar to hashtags on X, formerly known as Twitter. Users can follow a topic and connect with others using Tags for Threads, however they can only have one tag per post.

05 debut of boAt Lunar Pro LTE in association with Jio
The Indian consumer accessories company boAt has introduced its first eSIM-compatible smartwatch. Driven by the Jio network, the boAt Lunar Pro has an easily replaceable strap and a 1.39-inch circular display. The cost and availability of the boAt Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch are currently unknown.


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