CEO of Acer Jason Chen said, “We want to participate positively in India as it is a fast-growing market.”

Jason Chen

Acer presently produces projectors, laptops, and monitors in the nation and is exploring new options.

According to Jason Chen, Chairman and CEO of Acer, “India is a fast-growing market and we want to participate positively. Acer will be the first to monitor and take the latest technology to people.” The technology company, which has been producing cutting-edge items at a rapid pace, recently revealed a wide range of ecologically friendly products in Dubai.

The portfolio of well designed goods includes the Intel Core Ultra-powered Aspire Vero 16, the ebii eBike, and smart home appliances. In a special conversation with, Jason Chen shared his excitement for the future of the company in India.

Jason Chen┬áresponded, “We don’t manufacture, but India is an exception,” when questioned about producing goods there.

Dixon and Acer recently joined together to produce laptops. Dixon Technologies, a Noida-based provider of electronics manufacturing services, produces projectors, smart home products, and monitors for both domestic and international markets. The CEO went on, “We are looking at other possibilities that can fully utilize the manufacturing facility,” making a suggestion that other products might be made in India.

Acer, one of the leading monitor brands in India, is ranked as the fifth-largest PC firm in the country in Q3 2023 with an 11.6% market share, according to a recent IDC analysis. As of right now, Acer’s manufacturing plant can produce up to five lakh laptops annually, and the business has attested to its compliance with the laws requiring laptop manufacturers to produce at least twenty percent of their products domestically. Additionally, Acer acknowledged that the business exports laptops built in India.

Indkal Technologies has been granted a license by the firm to use its branding for the production of smart TVs in India. In a similar vein, the company and eBikeGo have partnered to introduce electric cars like the MUVI 125 4G. In addition, Acer offers a variety of smart air purifiers and other products for the house.

Jason Chen stated that Acer has been selling Arm-based Chromebooks for the past four years in response to a question concerning the company’s laptops. Additionally, Jason Chen said that because Microsoft Windows OS has an x86-based native instruction set and requires an additional layer of emulation to run on an Arm-based chip, Windows PCs are likely to stay predominantly dependent on x86 architecture-based processors. There would be an effect on performance from this.

With its Vero branding, Acer has been promoting conscious computing and green initiatives for some time. The company recently unveiled the Aspire Vero 16, which is the first “carbon neutral” product and is composed of 60% recycled plastic from post-consumer products. The trackpad is also made of plastic that ends up in the ocean.

Additionally, Acer has made Vero products easily repairable, which greatly simplifies updating and maintaining a PC bearing the Vero name. Additionally, the company is collaborating with a few US universities to provide qualified students and IT professionals with an eLearning repair program.


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