PM Modi speaks to CM Dhami on Uttarkashi tunnel rescue; vertical drilling location identified | Top 10 updates

Uttarakhand tunnel collapse

Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister of Uttarakhand, claimed to have briefed Prime Minister Modi on the encouraging developments of the previous day.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inquired about the status of the 11th day of the Uttarkashi tunnel rescue operation during a conversation with Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister of Uttarakhand. The prime minister wrote on the now-defunct Twitter platform X that he had updated Prime Minister Modi on the developments throughout the previous day. The agencies are currently attempting to keep the stranded workers alive by giving them with hot, substantial food while they endeavor to rescue them. Pulao and matar paneer were served to the staff on Tuesday night.

The site of the vertical drilling was determined on Wednesday morning, which represented a significant advancement. The Border roadways Organization constructed roadways close to the tunnel site to enable an equipment that became stopped yesterday to pass.

11th day of the rescue operation in the Uttarkashi tunnel: the most recent updates

1. The Uttarkashi tunnel collapsed on October 12, trapping 41 workers. Despite the greatest attempts of the rescuers to reach them, they have remained stuck there ever since.

2. Using pipes and radios, family members have communicated with the stranded laborers. Tuesday saw the delivery of hot, cooked food to the stranded laborers.

3. “3. A site has been selected for the process of vertical drilling. Nearly finished is the road work needed for the vertical drilling on the hill above the Uttarkashi tunnel. The work on the more than 350 meters of completed road is finished. A almost finished road is being built by BRO between the Silkyara and Barkot sides, according to Anshu Manish Khulko, director of the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation.

4. To provide the men who were trapped food, the rescuers laid a 6-inch conduit on Monday night. But all they received were oranges, bananas, and medication. Additionally, mobile chargers were transmitted via the conduit.

5. They were served chapatis with butter, matar-paneer, and vegetable pulao on Tuesday night.

6. For the first time since the collapse, an endoscopic camera was put into the Uttarkashi tunnel to take pictures of the trapped personnel.

7. Due to an issue with the US auger machine, drilling operations were suspended late Friday night. Tuesday night, the drilling came back to life.

8. On Tuesday, an official stated that positive breakthroughs in the rescue efforts, which had been unsuccessful for the previous nine days, are anticipated in the next forty hours. This began on Monday night.

9. The entire rescue operation is being managed by ONGC, SJVNL, RVNL, NHIDCL, and THDCL.

10. Instead of using the telescoping method to push in pipes with a 900 mm diameter, 800 mm pipes were now being used.


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