“No other way except…” is the Saudi Crown Prince’s “solution” to the Israel-Hamas conflict.


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declared, “The Kingdom’s position is constant and firm,” in reference to the Israel-Hamas War.

All Details About Israel-Hamas Conflict Discussion At BRICS Virtual Summit:

At the BRICS virtual summit, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated that Saudi Arabia demanded the commencement of a serious and complete peace process to establish a Palestinian state following the lines determined in 1967.

In the strongest remarks since Hamas’s rampage in Israel and Tel Aviv’s subsequent bombardment of Gaza at hamas addresses, the prince stated, “The Kingdom’s position is constant and firm; there is no way to bring about security and stability in Palestine, unless international agreements pertaining to the two-state solution are put into action.”

A ceasefire is also necessary for the region’s long-term security and peace, according to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who also stated that the two-state solution is the best option for enduring peace in the area. Speaking to the BRICS, Xi Jinping stated that “implementing the two-state solution, restoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation, and establishing an independent State of Palestine” is the essential way out of the ongoing problems between Israel and Palestine.

The Prince reaffirmed the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and emphasized the Kingdom’s ‘unequivocal’ rejection of continued Israeli aggression in Gaza and forced relocation of residents. Previously, Saudi Arabia had held the ‘Israeli occupation’ accountable for the ‘crimes’ committed against the Palestinians.

The prince criticised the application of international humanitarian law, pointing to the ‘double standards’. He also denounced the silence of the international community over the crimes of Palestinian civilians.

He called for a concerted effort by Arab and Islamic states to lift the siege and provide humanitarian and relief aid to Gaza, saying, “We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe that bears witness to the UN Security Council’s and the international community’s inability to stop Israel’s violations—a situation that exposes their hypocrisy.

He said that since the onslaught in Gaza began, the Kingdom has worked extremely hard and continued to engage in peace negotiations. On the 1967 lines, a Palestinian state must be founded, with East Jerusalem serving as its capital.”


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