These are the five anticipated Apple product releases in 2024.


As the new year approaches, Apple is rumored to release increasingly sophisticated gadgets and technology. These are about five new technologies that should be released in the next year.

People in the burgeoning IT industry are curious as to what Apple may have planned to release in 2024. The flagship iPhone 15 series, which has already caused a stir, has a Dynamic Island design and a new M3 CPU. Nonetheless, the anticipation has persisted indefinitely due to speculated releases, such as Apple’s Vision Pro headset. Additionally, there are rumors that the tech behemoth will introduce a possible competitor to ChatGPT and Bard in the upcoming year. These are a few anticipated products from the business.

Apple Vision Pro – Mixed Reality headset

The Vision Pro mixed reality headset has drawn interest and is rumored to be the next big thing to hit the market in January or February of 2024. Apple just sent out a warning to developers, indicating that the release is soon to happen.

Apple GPT
Several stories that claim Apple GPT, a generative AI model that focuses on the Ajax framework, would arrive this year have appeared, though Apple has not acknowledged them. Apple is anticipated to make a move into the AI space, positioning itself as a possible competitor to ChatGPT.

Apple Watch Series 10
Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra were the main attractions this year. Rumor has claimed that a special 10-year anniversary model, maybe called Apple Watch X or Series 10, will be released in 2024.

New iPads
Worldwide consumers will be treated to an update to Apple’s MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and iPad Air lineup in March 2024. The tech behemoth may release iPadOS 17.4, which will run on macOS 14.3.

AirPods 4
The AirPods 4 will be updated in 2024 and come in two models, same as every year. The updated AirPods may have a USB-C connector, a revamped casing, shorter stems, and integrated speakers with noise reduction.


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