The top 8 Google AI apps to explore right now, from creating images to summarizing news


The different capabilities of generative AI technology are clarified by Google Labs. These are a few of the tech giant’s most useful AI technologies.

In May 2023, Google added generative AI capabilities to enhance its search engine. Since then, the business has been offering its users all across the world more generative AI-based services and experiences. With the power of artificial intelligence, Google is radically altering the way we use search engines and is only available to a select few individuals.

Google has now released a number of new tools for Google Labs, such as the ability to create music and images, Bard extensions for a number of services, including Gmail, and more. These are the top eight Google products that use generative AI and are worthwhile.

Summarise the web results using AI
Thanks to generative AI, Ggle can now provide users with quick search results. This technology automatically gathers, summarizes, and links to relevant content from the original source, giving consumers in-depth knowledge about the topic at hand. A larger audience can currently utilize this function.

Google’s personalized AI tool, NotebookLM, assists users with writing. NotebookLM, which is only currently accessible in the US, helps users to swiftly draft content on a given subject and offers writing block solutions.

Right now, MusicFX is an invite-only AI-powered music creation service that can produce music right away when given simple text instructions. Anyone may then use this music to make new music on the fly by sharing it on the internet and social media sites.

Say What You See
In the entertaining generative AI game Say What You See, players must guess the prompt that was used to create an image. Using medium, subject, and context, this Google Arts & Culture activity encourages and enhances image reading abilities.

Duet AI
Google’s Duet AI is a professional collaboration platform that includes features and technologies such as the ability to draft and edit documents or emails, create presentations, create projector trackers, and use Meet to collaborate with others. Gmail, Docs, Slides, and other current Google products now have generative AI capabilities thanks to Duet AI.

Help Me Script
An AI-powered computer code generation tool for home automation projects is called Help Me Script. It has the ability to instantly translate a straightforward language command into programmable code that may be used to operate televisions, speakers, lighting, and other smart devices.

Magic Editor
Magic Editor, a feature of the Google Photos app, provides simple-to-use AI-powered photo and video editing tools. These features, which are only available on the Google Pixel 8 range of smartphones, allow users to create new backgrounds using generative AI and remove or move subjects within images.

Magic Composer
Every time you want to send someone a text message, this function will assist you in crafting the ideal message. All you need to do to appear like a texting specialist is provide the Magic Composer with the context.


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