Hyundai India starts the Samarth program for people with disabilities.

Samarth program

Hyundai India’s program will include Hyundai’s own products as well as collaborations with trusts and NGOs that serve India’s disabled population.

The Samarth program, which aims to empower and raise awareness among Indians with disabilities:

This Program was introduced today by Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL). The brand will provide specially constructed vehicles and make its dealerships and offices accessible to those with disabilities through Samarth. In addition, Hyundai India will collaborate with non-governmental organizations to establish a national movement.

We believe in empowering India, and in order to do so, we work on social projects based on the principles of Earth, Mobility, and Hope. We don’t only manufacture automobiles. Reacting to the launch of the Samarth program was Un Soo Kim, MD & CEO, HMIL. These promote “Progress for Humanity” and are consistent with Hyundai’s worldwide mission of “Continue.” A manifestation of this belief is Samarth. We are happy to announce the commencement of the “Samarth program”, an effort to make India’s society more accepting and conscious of people with disabilities. In order to help people with disabilities realize their full potential, we seek to build a more just and sensitive society.”

Hyundai will start selling cars with swivel seats, which make it simpler for people with impairments to enter and exit their cars. The brand will provide more information on these unique cars later. Additionally, the company plans to add wheelchair access ramps and doors to all of its dealerships and offices throughout India.

Samarth Program will also involve collaborations with para-athlete support organizations like GoSports and the Hyundai Motor India Foundation. Developing a support system for these athletes who want to compete for medals at the Paralympics—the Olympics’ counterpart for athletes with disabilities—will be part of this. At the event, Shah Rukh Khan, a longtime Hyundai ambassador, unveiled the Samarth logo.

In order to advance equity for the community of people with disabilities, cultivate an innovative culture, upskill through vocational education, and positively impact the para-sports ecosystem to inspire the country, Khan said at the event that the Samarth program will help a variety of talented athletes, both in team competitions and individual sports.

Through the collaboration with the GoSports Foundation, an innovative program to offer comprehensive support to paraathletes in India will get underway. In addition, Hyundai will provide assistive technology to those with disabilities and has teamed with Samarthanam Trust. The two organizations will additionally fund a blind cricket program as a means of promoting the social and physical advancement of India’s visually impaired population.



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