Mumbai resident conned out of ₹90,000 for a loan to finance her daughter’s education


The resident of Navi Mumbai stated that he saw a post on Facebook advertising rapid loans that were ready in two hours.

A 56-year-old Navi Mumbai father, who was seeking a loan for his daughter’s education, was allegedly conned out of ₹90,000 by internet con artists. According to PTI, the man, who works for a logistics company, claimed to have seen a Facebook post touting rapid loans that could be obtained in as little as two hours. The report states that on November 8, the complainant submitted an online loan application to the relevant finance company. He got a call within minutes, and the person gave him a loan.

An agency was informed by a police official that the caller demanded that the complainant pay ₹90,000 in insurance charges, GST, RBI charges, NOC payments, and two advance instalments.

However, the plaintiff was required to make extra installments and was never given the loan amount. After realizing he had been duped, the man complained. The PTI report further stated that on Saturday, at the Kalamboli police station, an offence under section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act was filed against unidentified individuals.

In September, a 35-year-old electronics enthusiast fell victim to a cybercrime scheme that duped him of ₹71.82 lakh. Online scammers contacted Amrapali Chandrashekhar Kulathe, the victim, and promised her a job reviewing hotels and restaurants in exchange for a sizable payment. When the woman finished the job and requested payment, she was tricked into using the money to invest on the “Coin Switch” website in hopes of making a profit.

The IT specialist was forced to complete 21 transactions over the course of two weeks, sending money to numerous bank accounts that the scammers had set up. The accused persuaded and coerced her to add more money when she requested to withdraw money. After realising that she was duped of her money, the woman contacted the police.


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