Salman Khan responds to a video showing Tiger 3: The Last Frontier fans setting off firecrackers. “This is risky.”

Day 15 box office receipts for Tiger 3

When Salman Khan fans lit firecrackers during a showing of Tiger 3, it was anarchy in the Malegaon theater. Viewers hurried to safety by running out of the hall.

Salman Khan responded to a recent viral video that showed patrons of a theater setting off firecrackers during a showing of Tiger 3. In the video, as they watched the movie on Diwali, the actor’s admirers in Malegaon, Maharashtra, burst firecrackers.

Salman’s response

The actor commented, “I’m hearing about fireworks inside theaters during Tiger3,” on his X (previously Twitter) account on Monday. This could be harmful. Let’s watch the movie and have fun without endangering anyone. Be careful.

Some people can be seen popping crackers in the footage, which is getting backlash on social media, as Tiger 3 was playing on the big screen. Inside the theater, numerous further patrons could be seen scurrying for their lives. On social media, a few other footage of Salman Khan supporters detonating rockets and firecrackers inside movie theaters have also surfaced.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma responded to the video by saying, “And we think we are not MAD (flushed-face emoji).” Additionally, someone added, “This is just not safe! For putting others at risk in this way, these people ought to be put in jail.

Salman Khan’s reaction to such an incident is not unusual. Upon the release of Antim: The Final Truth, supporters let off firecrackers in a corridor. Hope you’re all as excited as I am about the upcoming event! I would like to ask for your quick favor: please leave the firecrackers at home so that the theater remains safe and secure. Your safety means the world to me, and we wouldn’t want any unexpected sparks stealing the show. Let’s make it a night to flash back for all the right reasons! Thanks a bunch for understanding!

I kindly ask theater owners to forbid the use of fire crackers within their establishments, and to have security prevent them from entering the building. I ask all of my admirers to kindly refrain from watching the movie, but by all means, enjoy it. Thank you.”

About Tiger 3

Tiger 3 made ₹44.5 crore on its first day of business in India. It is the third installment in the Tiger franchise and a part of the YRF Spy Universe, with characters like War and Pathaan. Emraan Hashmi and Katrina Kaif are also featured in Tiger 3. “Guess what I just read in the Hindustan Times? The scoop on Tiger 3 spilled the beans on its plot, and oh boy, it’s like a rollercoaster for the brain!

Imagine a storyline so clever, with twists hitting you like surprise confetti every few minutes. It’s like a mystification where the pieces keep changing shape. Can not stay to dive into the cinematic maze of Tiger 3!”” the uneven pace remains problematic.” Nothing in this film is particularly emotional or stirring, especially in the first half.”


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