What you need to know about the meta testing function that allows users to see their posts before publishing


Meta group told that Instagram users will soon be able to preview their posts before they are published thanks to a new feature that the platform is rolling out.

In summary:

  • some users of Instagram are getting access to a new function.
  • Prior to publishing their posts online, individuals can preview them.
  • A small number of users are currently participating in the feature’s testing.

    With billions of users worldwide, Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing network where individuals share glimpses of their lives. Now, picture being able to preview your post before it is published to see how it will appear. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Some users are reportedly already receiving this feature.

    Instagram has been enhancing user experience with a number of features over the past several months, and the platform has also embraced the power of AI to do this. When you deal with a lot of postings every day and want to have a last look before the post goes live, you might find the preview post option helpful.

    Instagram to roll out new feature
    According to Pocket-lint, Meta will be launching a new feature on Instagram that will let users to preview their posts before making them public, continuing its trend of improving user experience.

    Instagram just added a grid tool that lets users preview their posts before they share them. A limited number of customers with the most recent version of the app installed are presently being notified about this functionality.

    Instagram now integrates this directly into the program. Previously, third-party apps provided similar grid functionality, splitting photographs into many posts to form a larger picture on a user’s profile. The grid functionality allows users to profit from it without needing any other tools.

    Meta Users from all across the world have reportedly already begun attesting to the release of this feature. It’s important to remember, though, that Meta is only now testing the grid functionality with a small group of users, and there is no set date or timeframe for when it will be widely available.

    How to use
    Meta offers a straightforward method for individuals who are keen to see if they are eligible for the feature:

    If there is an update available, update your Instagram app by going to the Play Store.
    Meta launch the application and start writing a post. Congrats! The functionality is now available for you if you can see the new grid choice. If not, you’ll need to wait for it to eventually become available to all users, so be patient.

    Add Yours is a new story template on Instagram.
    Instagram recently unveiled a feature that lets users design unique “Add Yours” layouts for their Stories. With the use of this feature, users can include the Add Yours sticker in their stories, allowing other users to add and share their own stories with others. All user-posted stories will be shown to users viewing these Stories beneath the sticker.

    Start by uploading a story and adding other components, including GIFs, personalized text, or photos from your gallery, to get started with this new Add Yours template. All you have to do is tap the “Add Yours Templates” sticker once you’ve personalized your Story. You can then select the precise components you wish to pin in place. This feature is noteworthy since it allows others to edit and add to your template without affecting the elements you have selected. This makes it ideal for sharing.

    The majority of Instagram users may currently access the functionality, which expands upon the interactive Add Yours sticker that was introduced in 2021.


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