‘toxic will keep sticking bane’ CM Vijayan snubs Union minister for his comment after Kerala blasts

kerala blasts

The Kerala CM reminded the Union minister of his position and suggested to chorus from making any comment when the inquiry on the kerala blasts is underway.

Big Story About Kerala Blasts:

Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan clapped back at Union minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar for his reflections in response to recent blasts in the state that transferred shockwaves across the country. 3 people, including a 12- time-old girl, were killed and several injured after at least three kerala blasts at a convention centre in Kerala’s Kalamassery.

“ Those who are toxic will keep sticking bane, ” Vijayan said with an circular reference to Chandrashekhar during a media commerce on Sunday, adding, “ One of the Union Ministers made a statement that I’m engaging in conciliation politics and protesting against Israel.

Moments after the kerala blasts, the Union minister, on X( fomerly Twitter), slammed the Kerala CM for doing ‘ conciliation politics ’. Appertained to the kick against the Israel- Hamas war that Vijayan shared in Delhi, Chandrashekhar said,” Sitting in Delhi and protesting against Israel, when in Kerala open calls by Terrorist Hamas for Jihad is causing attacks and lemon blasts on innocent Christians.”

Responding to the series of posts by Chandrashekhar, the Kerala CM questioned the ground on which the reflections were made.

“ He’s a minister and he should show a minimal position of respect to the probing agencies. The inquiry isunderway.in such a serious incident, at such an early stage, they’re making similar statements targeting a many set of people. This is grounded on their collaborative docket, but Kerala doesn’t have such an docket. Kerala always stood against communalism, ” he said, asking,” On what base are these people targeting one community and taking a specific angle? The inquiry is still ongoing, so on what base is he making such a statement while holding such a responsible position


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