Tamil Nadu Ola, Uber motorists on 3- Day Strike


The protesting motorists wants the state government to run apps like Ola and Uber, which take large commissions.

Chennai Tamil Nadu Ola and Uber motorists started a three- day strike 

Chennai Tamil Nadu Ola and Uber motorists started a three- day strike on Monday with strikers in Chennai deleting the apps on their phones and joining the demonstration outside the transport office in Saidapet.

The All India Road Transport Workers Federation and the Tamil Nadu Urimai Kural motorist Trade Union concertedly placed a duty of 13 demands. They claimed that guidelines should be issued to regulate vehicles reserved through Ola and Uber, metered charges should be fixed for vehicles, and measures should be handed for motors.

In 2020, the Union ministry of road transport and roadways issued guidelines to regulate hack aggregators. States were asked to form their regulations taking the guidelines as reference.

Tamil Nadu is yet to issue guidelines. The protesting motorists demanded a ban on bike- hacks, stating that their income is oppressively affected by them. Ola and Rapido bike- hacks came popular in 2018- 2019. Penalty for renting out private vehicles should be boosted, they demanded.

They also prompted the immediate perpetration of the transport minister’s advertisement that marketable vehicles should be issued licensee colophons. also, they want the government to run apps like Ola and Uber.

These companies take large commission for reserving and allowing passengers, which can be avoided. either, passengers complain that the Ola and Uber unreasonably hike fares during peak hours.

The motorists are also protesting the illegal toll cells. On day two, the motorists protested before the transport manager’s office in Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore. On Wednesday, the motorists have planned a large- scale demonstration near Rajaratnam Stadium, Egmore, Chennai.

In major metropolises like Chennai, reserving buses and motors through Ola and Uber have come an integral part of the public transportation system. Passengers faced difficulties because hack and bus motorists are on strike.


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