Hyundai sells almost 5 lakh connected cars in 4 years, with the Creta, Venue, and i20 emerging as the key drivers.


In 2023, connected vehicles accounted for 30% of Hyundai’s total sales.

Since its launch in 2019, Hyundai Motor India has reported that it has sold more than 5 lakh vehicles equipped with Bluelink connection technology. The Creta, Venue, and i20 are the Bluelink-equipped vehicles that have made the biggest sales contributions.

The South Korean automaker’s Indian division asserted that, from 5% in 2019 to 30% in 2023, connected automobiles accounted for a substantial growth in its overall volume.

Through the development of its connected car platform, Bluelink, Hyundai Motor India has solidified its standing as a leader in cutting-edge technology and smart mobility. With its 2019 launch, Hyundai Motor India made history as the first mass-market automaker to provide such a wide range of connected car services, according to Unsoo Kim, MD and CEO of the business.

“Bluelink’s penetration among Hyundai customers has increased significantly, demonstrating the changing demand for cars with cutting-edge networking features. The substantial faith that customers have placed in Bluelink technology, which provides seamless connectivity for all journeys, is demonstrated by this noteworthy growth, the speaker continued.

Bluelink is an AI-powered technology that improves convenience, safety, and security. It has a built-in SIM card and a round-the-clock call center. More than sixty interconnected features are built into the platform, such as value-added services, travel history, remote vehicle status, auto-crash warning, SOS/emergency help, proactive alarms, and virtual reality.

For the first three years, Hyundai is giving customers a free Bluelink subscription; after that, users must pay for it.


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