“My equal collaborator in all of my endeavors,” Jimmy Carter delivers a heartfelt homage following the passing of his wife Rosalynn.

Jimmy Carter

About his late wife Rosalynn, Jimmy Carter said, “She gave me wise direction and motivation when I needed it.”

Jimmy Carter delivers a heartfelt homage following the passing of his wife Rosalynn:

At the age of 96, former first lady Rosalynn Carter passed away at her Plains, Georgia, home on Sunday, November 19. Her husband Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States and the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner, is one of the many people who have paid respect to her. Jimmy and Rosalynn spent 77 years of marriage to one another.

Following his wife’s passing, Jimmy reportedly remarked, “Rosalynn was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished,” according to The Carter Center. When I needed it, she provided me with inspiration and sage advice. Rosalynn’s presence in the world ensured that I always had love and support from someone.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy and Rosalynn were childhood sweethearts who had known each other since they were quite young. Rosalynn was actually delivered by Jimmy’s mother at the moment of her birth.

Jimmy and Rosalynn were paired up on a blind date a few years later. “That’s the girl I want to marry,” young Jimmy said to his mother after returning home from the date. The couple got married in 1946.

Four children, all born in different places, are the parents of Jimmy and Rosalynn: 1947 saw John William (Jack) in Portsmouth, Virginia; 1950 saw James Earl III (Chip) in Honolulu In 1952, Jeff (Donnel Jeffrey) was located in New London, Connecticut; in 1967, Amy moved to Plains.

Following his mother’s passing, Chip also gave his mother tribute, stating, “My mother was a great humanitarian in her own right, in addition to being a loving mother and extraordinary First Lady.” She set an example for all Americans with her life of compassion and service. Not only will our family be very saddened by her passing, but so will a great number of people who will now be able to access resources for better mental health care and caregiving.

There were 14 great-grandchildren and 11 grandchildren for the Jimmy Carters. Among the First Ladies of the nation, Rosalynn had the second-longest lifespan. Bess Truman had the longest life, ending at 97 years old.


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